Ribbons Not Walls

A project of HUUmanists

Ribbons Not Walls uses fabric arts and literature to call attention to the needs of immigrants in our society. We had many activities that gently tied connecting ribbons between Unitarian Universalist congregations, humanist groups and Hispanic communities across the country:

The Banned Books project – involved 400 individuals each “SmUUggling” one book each from among those removed from Tucson classrooms by the State of Arizona, when it outlawed the teaching of “Ethnic Studies.” Multiple copies of more than 80 titles (mostly by Hispanic authors) were put on display at our General Assembly Booth in Phoenix in 2012, then were donated to the Puente organization to start a new community library.

Puente Children’s Books – collecting requested titles for the Puente library’s younger readers.

Ribbons – a fabric arts/social justice work – we asked dozens of local artists and fabric art collectives to each construct one fabric art panel, (a yard long by 18” high), reflecting a theme (or cover art) from any of the designated Banned Books or children’s books, or depicting any immigration rights project being conducted by a UU congregation or humanist group.

Panels were displayed at the HUUmanists booth at the 2013 General Assembly in Louisville, and paraded by volunteers in a continuous “ribbon” at several major events that week.

Some of the remaining banners can still be seen when HUUmanists have a display or store.